Design, Construction and Installation

Galerie 90°

Art is an essential element in or addition to quality architecture, and of civic amenities that promote cultural life. Little wonder then that a major gallery was part of our development project on a small square. We are proud of having been able to build Galerie 90° on the new square in Černošice. The wooden ceiling in the otherwise purely concrete space serves to soften the whole and has acoustic elements built in. These reduce the reverberation time in the space, something that is absolutely essential for openings where many people gather.

Our gallery displays the works of leading Czech artists, such as photographer Vilém Heckel, photographer Jiří Macht, Daniel Pešta, who won second prize for painting at London Art Biennale in 2017, and others.

The name Galerie 90° symbolises a right-angle. The right angle of viewing an object, perpendiculars rising upwards, or the most direct path to artistic heights.

Project: Galerie 90°
Location: Mokropeská 2026, Černošice